hello life – hello new me – hello Dubai

hello life – hello new me – hello Dubai

Hey Souls,

now it is so far, today is my first day as a full-time photographer. The 01.03.2023 is now for me a very significant day, because now begins a new phase of life. Because not only have I quit my old job as a civil servant, or more precisely as a policewoman, I’m adding a notch on top. I emigrate. Namely, *drum roll*, to Dubai. Of course, a few close acquaintances, friends and family already knew, but the question still came up, “Why Dubai?” Well, Dubai offers a lot of opportunities. Opportunities to grow and many different and varied areas to implement one’s artistic skills and ideas. In Germany I had my assignments in areas like weddings, couples, portrait, baby and family photography. But I want more, like real estate, business and content photography. Dubai holds a lot of variety for photographers. I would also like to acquire videography in addition, because I see a lot of potential there.

I don’t want to commit myself to one area, because I simply enjoy the variety. Be it creating content for the little cafe around the corner or putting newly built properties in the right light. And who knows what other doors will open. Because in Dubai you have to be open. Here you are really pulled along. People who want to do business come to the Arab Emirates for exactly that reason.

But don’t worry, I will continue to accept your orders outside of Dubai. For example, you have planned a wedding in Santorini? No problem – I will come there – and with great pleasure. During the hot summer months I will also be traveling the world from Dubai to offer my photography. Again, I’ll let you know where I am beforehand.

I can already tell you so much that I will be in June / July 2023 on Mallorca. See you on the Spanish island – Olé

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