wonderful Mauritius

Mauritius – the island of cordiality

Hello dear ones,

last year in November 2021 my first big dream came true. I had finally arrived on this beautiful island and had directly “Pippi in the eyes” 🙂 I wanted, since I can think, always visit the island with the underwater – waterfall. And there it was, Mauritius. Everywhere palm trees and my absolute favorite plants (Plumeria / Frangipani also known as paradise flower & the “Travellers Palm”), comfortable 26 ° C and beaming faces. I felt comfortable right away, like in no other vacation so far. *more about my vacation soon on my private blog – be curious!

But now to the actual topic – why I want to take you here on this trip. My next wish was to be able to capture people and their most beautiful moments through pictures – whether as a single free spirit, family, friends, couples or even your wedding on the beach at sunset.

How does that sound to you / you guys?

And that’s how I ended up meeting and capturing so many magical people on Mauritius just through their moments in front of the camera. These moments in life, which you will never forget and can still show and tell your grandchildren later.

Photographing on the beach was not new territory for me, as I have already photographed couples in Mallorca. However, the vegetation, the fine sand and the gorgeous sunsets were in their own way yet another ‘feeling’, which of course was reflected in the faces of my couples. I love to photograph as if I were not there, as if you were all to yourselves – alone. What I mean by that is, it should feel and come across as natural and light as possible. As if you could just put yourself into the situation. No matter if you are in front of or behind the camera.

Wouldn’t you like to have your best moments captured in a paradise of your choice? I come to wherever you want 🙂

I would like to show you a couple now – and exactly THAT – that’s what I love !

Have fun 🙂


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